If you are an artist and would like to become a member of our group...

Fill out the application form below to submit online, or print out the PDF file below and mail to:

Chestatee Artists, Inc.
P.O. Box 572
Dahlonega, GA 30533

Application for Membership

If you have any questions, please calll or email:

Oscar Rayneri, GWS
Membership Chair

Call: 706-867-8059
or Chestatee.artists@gmail.com

Membership in Chestatee Artists, Inc. (501 c 3, non-profit art organization) is open to artists and includes membership in the
Dahlonega-Lumpkin Co. Chamber of Commerce.
Applicants should apply for either Novice or Artist membership status.  Novice members are persons new to a medium who wish to perfect their art before applying for artist membership status.  Full artist membership includes placement on the Chestatee Artists’ website and display status in shows or events.
To achieve artist membership, an applicant’s work must be reviewed and accepted after submission of 3 photos or digital images
of work created within the last two years.

Online Membership Application

Novice Membership, please complete the application and mail a check for $25 to:
Chestatee Artists, Inc., P. O. Box 572, Dahlonega, GA 30533.

Artist Membership, please complete this application and mail  a check for $35 to:
Chestatee Artists, Inc., P. O. Box 572, Dahlonega, GA 30533.

Submit 3 digital images of your work by
Email attachments to:


Oscar Rayneri, GWS,  Membership Chair.

If you prefer to send photos of your work, send them to the P. O. Box address above.    

Chestatee Artists’ Policies: (Revised 2013)

1.    Members are expected to be supportive of each other, and to represent the highest level of integrity in all activities of Chestatee Artists.
2.    Artwork must be of original design or original adaptation created by the artist.
3.    No commercial kits or patterns are allowed.
4.    Paintings, if made from photographs, must not violate copyright laws.
5.    Presentation of artwork must reflect quality workmanship and methods of display.
6.    If commercial elements are included in the artwork, they must be combined in an original design by the artist.
7.    Members will share in hanging and manning of any show in which they participate and will share in costs associated with publicity, site rentals, and other costs of the show/activity.
8.    No artwork depicting pornography, gross violence, or controversial /offensive content will be acceptable for membership application or for group shows.
9.    Work submitted for a show may be rejected if it does not meet standards of the Chestatee Artists organization.
10.    All communication with members will be via email. Members are strongly encouraged to have an email account to stay up to date with meetings, decision making, show announcements, etc.  Members without an email account will be responsible for obtaining information from another member.
11.    Re-application is required for any person who fails to renew his or her membership within one month of the renewal date, which is February 1 of each year.
Artist Membership application includes: (Revised 2013)
1.    Submission of three photographs or three digital images that are representative of the artist’s work, which was produced within the last two years.  Applicants also have the option of presenting art work to the membership committee.
2.    Signature certifying that the photograph/digital images represent his/her original work.
3.    No fee is charged at the time of application.
4.    Accepted artists will pay a membership fee of $35.00 annually (which includes Chamber membership dues).
5.    Couples who are both artists, will pay a membership fee of $60.00 annually (which includes Chamber membership dues.

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